AA Histories
AA Celebration Date
Town Group Name We Have A History
Amagansett AM Group True
Amagansett Amagansett Group False
Amagansett Amagansett Saturday Night True
Amagansett Amagansett Sunday Night Beginners True
Amagansett Big Book by the Beach True
Amagansett Discussion Group True
Amagansett El Primer Paso True
Amagansett Friday Night Candlelight True
Amagansett Happy Hour  True
Amagansett Indian Wells True
Amagansett Keep It Simple True
Amagansett Men Of Value  False
Amagansett Round Robin True
Amagansett Sobriety Reaches Out True
Amagansett Summer Only False
Amagansett The Men's Room True
Amityville Amityville Group False
Amityville Amityville Horror False
Amityville Believe And Become False
Amityville Bottom Line True
Amityville County Line False
Amityville Dismas Group  False
Amityville Doing it Young True
Amityville Friendly Group True
Amityville From There To Here True
Amityville Gay Women Sober Together True
Amityville Inner Journey True
Amityville Open Door  True
Amityville Serenity at Trinity True
Amityville Share An Hour False
Amityville Simpson Methodist Church False
Amityville Sobriety by the Page False
Amityville Sobriety Unlimited True
Amityville South Oaks Hospital Group True
Amityville South Oaks Hospital  False
Amityville Sunrise Early Sobriety True
Amityville Sunrise Early Sobriety  False
Amityville T.G.I.F. False
Amityville Three Legacies True
Amityville You Are Important True
Amityville Young People False
Aquebogue Aquebogue Freedom Group True
Aquebogue Almost Flanders Midnight Group True
Aquebogue Aquebogue Group True
Aquebogue Back to Basics Big Book Step Meeting True
Aquebogue Love and Tolerance True
Aquebogue Midnight Riders True
Aquebogue Thursday Night Meeting True
Babylon Big Book True
Babylon Bridge To Sobriety True
Babylon Expect a Miracle  False
Babylon Friendship True
Babylon Main Street True
Babylon Mid-Island False
Babylon Non Smokers True
Babylon Nuts & Bolts Step Group True
Babylon Off Main Street False
Babylon Recovered and Recovering True
Babylon Serenity True
Babylon Too Young To Die False
Babylon Young And Powerless False
Babylon Young At Heart False
Baiting Hollow Hour of Power True
Baiting Hollow Second Chances True
Bay Shore 12 Steps Of Hope  True
Bay Shore 38 Park Avenue False
Bay Shore A Vision for You True
Bay Shore Bay Shore Afternoon False
Bay Shore Bay Shore Smoke Free True
Bay Shore Big Book True
Bay Shore Bridge To Sobriety  True
Bay Shore Daytime Love & Service True
Bay Shore Desiderata  - Bay Shore True
Bay Shore Embrace Sobriety True
Bay Shore Free Thinkers True