Questions that might help you to write your group history
When and why was the Group first formed and where did it meet?

Was the Group a "spin off' from another group?

Did the Group keep the original name; if not why did it change and to what new name?

Was the Group meant to fill the needs of a specific segment of the Fellowship?

What segment of the fellowship is currently represented in the Group?
(old-timers, treatment center patients, young people, professionals, DWI's, men/women )

Who was instrumental in forming the Group and who were the first officers?

How many members did the Group start with?

Do any of the original members of the Group still attend meetings?

Have any "unusual" or "unforgettable" characters ever been associated with the Group?

Have any other groups spun off from this group?

Does the Group have any particularly close relationship with another group? Do the members of this Group also attend other groups together?

Has the Group been involved in any outside activities as a group? (potluck, institutions, Public Information, 12 step work, workshops, holiday events, dances, conventions, outside speakers, etc.)

Does the Group celebrate its member's .sobriety anniversaries? -

Does the Group give out chips and if so what style (poker, brass, aluminum)?

Does the Group celebrate on the member birthday or at a special monthly meeting?

If there is a cake, does the group or the member provide it?

How has the Group evolved?

Has it changed names, meeting places or times or locations?

Has the makeup of group membership changed what was the original meeting format and how has it changed to the current form (discussion, speaker, preselected topic, etc)?

Has it added book study, literature study, beginners tables, Grapevine meetings, Has the Group ever been involved in any unusual projects, disagreements?

Has the Group had any problems': how did it overcome them?

What do you feel makes the Group unique ? what are it good qualities?

Does the Group now have any weaknesses ? has it ever had any?

Is there any other thing or events in the Group's history, which is particularly interesting?
Does the Group have any new plans for the future?

If the Group is no longer active, when and why did it fold?