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A famous lyricist once wrote something to the effect that a song is no song until you sing it. The same holds true for an archives. It's not an archives unless you share what's in it. In A.A. it is a great idea to share our experience, strength and hope---and this is what we are doing here. This is our attempt to publicly display some of the Suffolk Intergroup Association collection. Most of these items can be seen in person down at the S.I.A. office in Patchogue. We are adding to it all the time in the form of donations made by grateful members of Alcoholics Anonymous.  These belong to all of us and we invite your comments.

Some of the images on this page are not found in the archives: these are the signs and symbols found in Suffolk County meeting rooms. Unique and many times handmade items created out of love for one's group to give it a one of a kind flavor---just like decorating your own living room. These are the special gifts born out of gratitude to say my group is the best in the world. Does your group have its own particular items? Why not share them with us and send photos of them to the Archives Committee.  If your group doesn't have any material like these, it is our hope it might inspire some of you to create some.

The group or history that these items belong to can be viewed by clicking directly on the image  We hope you will find the time to reflect upon this collection of artifacts. 

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Brentwood Live Again Post
AA Shade
AA Subway Sign
Big Book Signed by Bill Wilson
Bill W and Dr Bob
Bill Wilson Record